My story

    I grew up in the Dallas area, going to school, working, raising a family, establishing a couple of businesses and, of course playing music. Now I am fortunate in that I get to play music full time; particularly, New Orleans style jazz & swing and I have enjoyed many opportunities to travel to New Orleans to study the style and play with some of the bands there. I enjoy various other styles as well, like country, Latin, Sinatra "croon" tunes and more.  When I play with my "Three Quarters Fast Jazz Band" you will hear all of these. My favorite instrument is the clarinet, which adds such a nostalgic and traditional New Orleans sound to jazz & swing. Playing the instrument is a continuing education, working on various sounds and listening to past and present masters.  I also do most of the vocal work in the group and, as with the clarinet, I listen to great singers, past and present, always striving to improve my skills both instrumentally and vocally.


Dave Washburn - Clarinet/Vocals

Steve Hall - Drums / Photo by Jennifer Sopp Photography

Dan Fogel - Trumpet / Photo by Jennifer Sopp Photography

Phil Minshew - Bass